Sunday, May 4, 2014

Farewell San Francisco! May 25th! Bonus Bubble Party!

***IMPORTANT: PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR UPDATES BEFORE HEADING TO THE EVENT!!!(to check latest post on Facebook event page)***

Natasha is 4 2/3
Delilah is 2.
I am moving my DLS practice to the East Bay where I live, so I can see more of that (above).
And less of that (below).
I will dearly, desperately miss all of my students, colleagues, and West Bay friends. If you think you might be one of these, please come bid me farewell on this day, even just for a minute on your way to the museum or something. It will mean a lot to me; I'm the type of person who can be a BART-ride away and not see you for spite of an achey heart each day.

SUNDAY MAY 25, 2014
Golden Gate Park

11am-ish - 4pm-ish

Only you, if the stress of bringing something else might keep you from coming!

 We won't say no if you want to bring
1. Food you like and might share

2. Something to sit upon, if that's a thing you do


3. Outdoor Things with which You Like to Play 
(Balls, Mitts, Frisbees, Stomp Rockets, BUBBLES, Gliders,  playful cousins and neighbors, etc.)

There will be at least two or three AWESOME bubble-maker folks, and I will set out some nifty equipment for people to use... but mostly, I will greet and chat, and, hopefully, get to play frisbee with some kids whom I usually only meet sitting at a desk, you know, thinking, and being all scholarly until smoke comes out of our ears.
Much Love!

RSVPs will help me know I won't be whimpering alone in the park all day :)

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  1. HI Mike! This looks like it will be a funtastic party!. I'll be on a gig, but was pleased to be included in the invite.
    You make the Best Bubbles Ever.... Kind Regards, Rebecca TBL