Monday, March 15, 2010

Lazy Blog with just pics and video

Oy vey so much to say
So much to do
and no time today

I'll post the pictures and the video then
tell you more later when I'm back again :)

Natasha is in the first week of her 7th Month:

The Bubble Project has descended upon Buena Vista Park for the last time.

For Video: FULL SCREEN and HD Highly recommended! (You may need to click 'HD on,' then the full screen arrows and then click pause to load, for smooth playback)

Bubbling Buena Vista Park from Michael L Miller on Vimeo.

Mike and a very special guest join the bubbles converging on Buena Vista Park and see what they can add to the mix. Episode 6 of Mike Miller's Bubble Project.

The was fog and there were dogs and there was a special guest and I have to sleep now... Please comment or let me know you were here in some special way...