Monday, December 4, 2017

Bubble Wrap Up for Now ... 2017

Well, after a long break I tried bubbling a party with 4 foot wands...and my knee said no, Mike, no.

So sadly, I will not be bubbling until I figure out this knee thing, and I just discovered my website has gone down mysteriously, so this will be the new repository for my Bubble Project. I'm very proud of this work, please give it a few minutes (and if you like it, you should note that they are actually all a bit different...come take a break and watch a new one every once in awhile, when you need a breather and a little perspective). Much love all!!!!!

Natasha is 8 and Delilah is 5!

I'm 49 and the USS Pampanito is 75!

Update! The Website with all the videos is back up!!

Youtube Bubble playlist: