Sunday, August 7, 2011

SUMMER 2011: Bubblemania Marches On!

Natasha is almost TWO!
And I realized that my sense that I "can't get around to the bubble project this summer" is kind of false.
Though I have not shot the next episode for want of time and motivation, the ideas are a-brewing and I HAVE

a. bubbled four or five groups in parks in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley.

b. practiced with Emily (Natasha's mom) and an awesome team of friends to participate in an incredible 3D bubble shoot, sponsored by Sprint, in Golden Gate Park, where we joined maestro Sterling Johnson, Dustin Hicks, Brian Lawrence and Todd Kamisugi for hours of epic bubbling on camera. Stay tuned for the results around Labor Day!

c. Attended and video taped two of Louis Pearl's bubble shows, and put together a little promo, just for fun, with my own music and aesthetic... which he ended up liking, so it's public! Full screen, 720p HD highly recommended as always.

d. begun work on my website dedicated to bubbles for hire. Though if you are fan enough to have read this far, please note that I may still be amenable to bubbling for you or your event, asking only for enough to cover my supply costs. If you are a friend already, count on it!

More in the fall!