Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back in Action! The Marina, Video and More...

Thanks to everyone who participated so politely on the Marina Green today. It was a lovely bubble day, wasn't it? Let me know if you got any good pictures!

Natasha is in her 16th month!

New video is up at! If you've seen me in a park recently, be sure and check there to see what we can REALLY do when the weather is right and the participants are super bubble-skilled.... ;)

Took a bubble hiatus after a mega-bubbly Fall 2010 made the fun seem The horror!
But now, I'm back in action, planning Bubbling San Francisco to shoot all Spring with yet another bubble MAESTRO (the brilliant Brian Lawrence from San Jose) in addition to Sterling and (I hope) Rebecca, who were so fantastic in Bubbling Sutro Heights Park...and hopefully a bubbler or two from out of the area as she/he/they pass through town. The theme so far: hoop work. Stay tuned! I have a lot to learn in that area...

Also, I'm planning to bubble in parks by request (see the top of the page) once per month. E-mail me if you'd like me to stop by your way!

January 22nd: Antioch!

February is up for grabs!