Saturday, April 24, 2010

Soooo Much coming soon!

Sutro Heights Park!
Tank Hill!
New Bubble Makers!
Technological Innovations via Joyous Collaborations!!
Bubbling by invitation at the Oakland Museum!!
A Baby that says "Buh! Buh!"
Blogs with Complete Sentences!!

All in progress or coming soon!!!

Look, the Baby!

And just so you know that I've actually been working on this stuff, here's the first test video for the process I intend to use on Tank Hill...hopefully to much better effect and without some of the first-try glitches you'll see here...but you'll get the idea...

Carousel Cam Test 1 from Michael L Miller on Vimeo.

The view at Tank Hill really puts the PAN in Panorama, so I became obsessed with making a turntable for the cameras...After countless planning e-mails, trips to Fry's, Home Depot and OSH and several delightful hours in the workshop with Dad and Ted...I stumbled upon a model display turntable that seems to work and have begun the video test phase. I have much to learn but there appears to be hope that the thing just may be do-able! Woohooo! Stay Tuned!