Sunday, November 18, 2012

Giant Bubble Party V!


Natasha is 3.16; Delilah is 6 months old today; Grandpa is...not.

This little clip is all I have of the Bubble Party today for Oakland and for my Birthday.

Oh and the 5 or so  newest Annual Bubble Photo Exchange pics should be up here by the 20th or so. It is already AWESOME! Thank you everyone!

Here's a sample from the inimitable Louis Pearl!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Time for you, YES, YOU, to participate!!!

Delilah is 5 months old!
(btw click any photo to see all of them enlarged and uncropped--so worth it!)

Natasha is 3!
The SF Bubble Project is on hold but occasionally I get some funny checks for bubbling events.


Come one! Come all!
November 18, 2012
Mosswood Park near Kaiser

Click for details!


And also...

is accepting submissions now through November 18!

A passing whim that became awesome now evolves into an idea whose time has come!

Last year for my birthday, I half-seriously asked folks to
1. Make bubble for me
2. Point at it and take a picture
3. Send me the picture for my blog

And people sent me amazing pictures and video!:

I was deeply moved and had thought that it would be too much to ask folks to do something like that again...but then I thought...why isn't there a regular forum for bubble and/or photography enthusiasts to show off their finest work with the work of others that they could admire, enjoy and be proud to be placed among? After all, bubbles are both one of the most compelling and one of the most difficult photographic subjects known to humanity, right? So let's show off and share what we can do together!

My birthday is November 18th and I'll let you each decide if you want to adhere to the "Happy Birthday Mike" [point!] tradition or simply capture something lovely for us. I will display images and embed video here in this blog (where images are clickable for full-size viewing) and, for those who e-mail or dropbox me high quality images, I'll make a Facebook album and/or Fan page and/or a big html page where the images can be seen in all their glory like this:

If you send me your name and/or website or whatever, I'll label it however you like.

I know so many more bubblers now--and photographers too!--that I'm very excited to see what we get. I for one am going to make a very short video of a very new piece of equipment ;)...and I may ask a bubble buddy or two to let me take some pictures of their bubbles while I'm at it...

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Press!

To Any New Friends: Check out the whole, generous bubble community worldwide that taught me everything I know!

Natasha is 2.5 today!

Bubbles in Golden Gate Park got some wonderful press, but Esther Reyes sent the best picture (click to enlarge)
Here's what Peter Hartlaub had to say in the Chronicle. Such a lovely article!

Want to come see me? Watch this blog or e-mail me and invite me to your favorite park!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bubbling That Big West Bay Park...

Natasha is 2.42!

And if you want to come see bubbles and/or bubble yourself with lots of other folks March 11...
Here's the invitation page:

Come and Play!

Several projects in the works... stay tuned!

Oh! Bubbling Land's End was shot and edited entirely on 2-27-12!:
(full screen HD highly recommended, 'play' then 'pause' to give it time to load...)