Monday, November 23, 2009

Twin Peaks...Almost....

Natasha is in her Eleventh Week:

The Bubble Project is in it's first week:
Twin Peaks!

Late start, and low expectations meant I didn't set up the camera so I missed the 3 or four 12-footers that got hoots from the surprised tourists. Definitely going back next Monday--I think I'll put a camera on the North Peak and Bubble from the South Peak... 7am sharp! Join me!

Tried a surgilube solution, got prettier bubbles that didn't last like the baking powder ones... More will be revealed... :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Beginning...

Necessity being the uncle of intention, or some such relative of some such endeavor, I have struggled to find a way to be a new dad and keep bubbling as I'd like.

I realized that I needed to attach a bubbling project to my work day in order to make it happen consistently and not unfairly detract from my Dad duties. SO

Monday mornings henceforth, I will be making giant bubbles upon the peaks of San Francisco! The wind and weather are tricky so the plan is to show up at the same peak, at 7am, each Monday morning, until conditions are just right (and hopefully I get a picture). Then move on to the next, improving my solution all the while. I'll start this Monday at Twin Peaks!
Here's what the view from Twin Peaks looks like (with a little accidental embellishment from my panorama-making software):

Here's the record of me doing much the same thing all in one day, on foot, without soap bubbles. With bubbles I will also do Inspiration Point in the Presidio, Sutro Heights Park above Ocean Beach, Strawberry Hill in the middle of Stow Lake, and other spots YOU suggest where bubbles will be a boon and not a hazard to passers-by.
(The above blog makes more sense if you know I was once 380 lb. anti-exercise kinda guy. So I may have over-shared a little as I celebrated the joy of newfound mobility. :))

If you are in town, you should come!