Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just Paying My Dues...

Natasha is in her Twelfth week

The Bubble Project is in its 2nd Week: Twin Peaks 2!
It's all about stick-to-it've-ness.
I headed up Twin Peaks, earlier and more prepared, with a new solution to check out...and the wind was bad in spite of the weather report suggesting otherwise. So I sighed and went over to Golden Gate Park to try out the new solution...and as of yet any change I make seems to make the solution worse. I added about an ounce of propylene glycol to my basic mix, trying to help the bubbles retain moisture and thereby live longer, and not only did the solution work poorly, but the wands I used in both solutions seemed to bring the badness over to the regular-solution bucket, making for a frustrating morning in the park. I'm going to methodically work my way through the ingredients and then start combining and changing's a long process! At least I remembered to wipe the mud off my shoes before my first client! Onward, upward next week!

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